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Mark Simon

“Yes, Even You Can Add up to 4.2 Inches In Length + Girth To Your Erect Penis, End Premature Ejaculation Forever and Become a Master of Sexual Technique”

How? By learning step-by-step from a man that has spent over half of his life mastering the secrets of penis enlargement, ejaculatory control, sexual performance & technique and female orgasmic sexual response.

The Sad But True Facts...

  • The Average Male Penis is only 6.5 inches in length and 5.0 inches in circumference. But do you really want to be “Just An Average Guy”? Or Even Worse “Below Average?” (Source: Durex Condoms Website)
  • The Average Male Only Lasts 2-3 minutes during intercourse.
    The average female needs at least 8-10 minutes of constant stimulation to achieve orgasm. Premature Ejaculation is the #1 female complaint of their sexual partners. (Source: Kinsey Institute Report on Sex)

    So is it any wonder that...

  • 39% of Women Fake Orgasm During Sex. Is your partner faking it? And would she tell you if she was? (Source: Durex Condoms Website)
  • 83% of Women Don’t have orgasms every time they have sex.
    How long would you put up with that before you found someone else to satisfy your needs? (Source: Durex Condoms Website)
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YOU Don’t Have To Settle for Being Just Average!
And Your Partner Does Not Have to Suffer!

Imagine How You’ll Feel Once You Discover How To...

Add Up to 4.2” In Combined Length & Girth to Your Penis!
You will learn the most proven methods of penis enlargement that have worked for men all over the world, from the most ancient hand techniques to the latest vacuum pumping techniques. Here are just a few reasons my customers tell me my manual is the best there is...

  • Many men start seeing results in as little as two weeks! And most men see results in under 60 days! 
  • An amazingly simple penile enlargement secret that almost everyone else ignores or does improperly. Don't let your penis enlargement efforts be in vain because you don't know this very simple secret that can mean the difference between success and failure. (Page 60)
  • Learn the reasons many other penile enlargement systems fail and how you can avoid those pitfalls to assure your own success with your program. If your guilty of even one of these you are almost guaranteeing your failure. (page 79)
  • You don't need a pump to get results. But any manual that does not cover pumps is incomplete. And I want to give you every option available to reach your enlargement goals! So you will learn the RIGHT way to use a pump safely & effectively if you choose to use one. (Page 66)
  • Also some men respond better to one technique than another so I give you all viable options available. Unlike rehashed cookie cutter programs that claim their one system will work for everyone and try to discredit and put down every other method!
  • The techniques in the manual also may help you to straighten penile curvature which maybe be caused by over tightening of the internal pelvic muscles and the muscle sheath that covers the root of the penile shaft.
  • Discover ancient secret techniques to give your penis a more desirable shape!!!  (Page 66)
  • My program is now in it's third revision and is now even more effective than ever and the manual has been expanded, revised, updated and now includes over 20 photos & illustrations showing all enlargement techniques with very detailed easy to follow instructions so you will know exactly what to do and how to do it!
  • Imagine yourself using simple and easy techniques & exercises that take relatively little time and can be done at home in your bathroom or bedroom and pack on size! (Page 60)

Last As Long As You Want During Intercourse!
A program that will allow you to end premature ejaculation forever and last as long as you and your partner desires during sex. I give you sure-fire techniques that banish premature ejaculation forever! Just a sample of whats inside...

  • Why the way you are currently masturbating may actually be causing you to suffer from premature ejaculation and how to masturbate to prevent premature ejaculation. (Page 19)
  • A technique so powerful and effective yet so easy & simple to use that
    I taught it to a friend in less than 60 seconds and it worked like a charm. He actually told me “Me and my girlfriend thank you, man it really worked.” (Page 26)
  • About Amazing herbs and natural supplements that help to delay ejaculation, prolong orgasm, increase pleasure. (Page 43)

Have Erections of Steel, Increased Sex Drive & Stamina
by Using Secret Herbs & Natural Substances.

These natural supplements help you to have rock hard erections at any age without dangerous and expensive drugs and their side effects are more vibrant health and well being. Just a few example of of what you will discover in your manual...

  • An inexpensive and readily available supplement that will give you erections
     as hard as steel, increase your volume of ejaculate and raise sperm count, increase staying power. And get this it’s side effects are increased immunity and clean arteries. (This has been medically proven) (Page 11)
  • A Super Food that will give you more sexual energy, harder erections, more forceful and massive ejaculations. It is also known for promoting general good health.(Pages 11-12)
  • The Most Amazing Herbs from all over the world that are known to increase sex drive, provide harder erections, increase staying power and have been proven by use of generations of users. (Page 12)
  • A Chinese tonic herb that is said to do wonders for premature ejaculation, increase sexual fluids and on of it’s side effects is to promote healthy looking skin. (Page 12)
  • What supplements every man needs to take to assure good sexual health! This is vitally important for sexually active men of any age. (Page 11)

Thrust Like A Pro And Drive Her Wild All Night Long!
You will drive her absolutely wild in bed and give her orgasm after orgasm during intercourse when you learn...

  • The Ancient Secret Thrusting techniques. These will take her to new levels of pleasure and ecstasy when you these secret thrusting techniques.(Page 46)
  • The Tease & Please technique...Women love this one it drives them absolutely wild! You will love being able to drive her wild in all positions! (Page 47)
  • The Slide & Glide technique...This technique has made women orgasmic during intercourse for the very first time and is simply amazing! (Page 48)
  • How to Screw Her Good! That’s right she wants you to screw her good and now you will finally know how! You will learn how to put it all together and become the lover she desires.(Page 49)

Cum Like a Pornstar!
Discover how to have massive ejaculations like a pornstar! She will be shocked, amazed and incredibly turned on by your new ability when you discover...

  • Secrets natural supplements that increase your volume of ejaculate and sperm count. (Page 10)
  • The 3 Porn Star Secrets to a massive record breaking ejaculation that you both will remember forever. (Page 53)
  • How to ejaculate with more force, power, and pleasurable intensity.
  • Foods will make you taste better and what foods and substances that you should avoid that will make you taste bad.

Turn Your Girl Into an Anal Addict!!!
How to get her to try, and enjoy anal sex so much that she will be asking you for it. She won’t be able to get enough when you discover...

  • My proven anal entry technique that has never failed me to make a woman a willing participant. She will love it! (Page 52)
  • How to give her a powerfully intense pleasurable anal experience, that will make her ask you for more. (Page 52)
  • What you absolutely must do if you want to get her to enjoy anal sex. (Page 51)
  • Anal safety & precautions that you must follow for your and her safety and health. (Page 51)

Become A Multi-Orgasmic Man!
How to have amazingly intense orgasms & male multiple orgasms! If you have not experienced this you have no idea of the pleasure you are missing out on including...

  • How To Orgasm Without Ejaculating! So you can keep going all night long.
    (Page 44)
  • Being Able To Have Multiple Ejaculations and still stay hard and keep going!
    (Page 45)
  • Keep your rock hard erection after ejaculation and continue having sex.

And Much, Much, More! All in my “Penis of Steel” Manual

This is not just another copy cat penis enlargement or sex e-book. This is the book that every one else has tried to copy, “The Penis of Steel Manual” which has helped ten’s of thousands of men from all over the world since 1998 become amazing lovers, increase their penis size and taken them to higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem which has enhanced all areas of their lives! Now it’s your turn to discover for yourself what thousands of other men already have!

Here Is What Just Some of My Thousands of
 Satisfied Clients Are Saying About My
Penis of Steel Manual & Program

Excerpts from Actual e-mails from some of my clients:
Some names and locations of customers have been omitted by request. I respect my customer’s right to privacy and we will do the same for you when you send me your testimony if you request your name be withheld.

Note: I only hear from customers that write to me. I have no way of knowing what results everyone that purchased the manual got from it or the average or typical results. You make get great results, you may get no results, There is no way of knowing your results ahead of time. I do not guarantee results only product satisfaction (see my guarantee further down the page.).

“Gained 2 Inches In Length & About 1/2 Inch In Girth!”

"I would like to say that I bought the manual and I gained an incredible 2 inches in length about 1/2 inch in girth. Plus in using the Penis of Steel formula in the manual and the other techniques I am now able to last for 45 minutes before I have to ejaculate. I thought this was wonderful and also sufficient and my girlfriend is more that satisfied. Thanks You changed my life”  - J.D.

“Increased 2.5 Inches In Length & 2.05 Inches In Girth”

"Nico, Current update as promised. The techniques in your manual certainly seem to be right for me,using all the methods described length is now a solid nine inches (from start 6.5 ins) and girth of 7.10 inches (from 5.05 inches). Also, it has also radically improved my sexual activity and inner belief. I so much more confident and positive again. Thanks for all your advice and cooperation.” - Regds Bob

“Wife Was Surprised And Very Happy!”

“I ordered your manual about 4 weeks ago without telling my I was not happy with my size and for 13 yrs it bothered me! She always said that she was happy with my size. Well I started to do
the exercises .”

“I do this about 2x a day during my morning shower and evening bath. I saw results immediately!!!!! I was 6 inches long now Im 6 and 3/4 and i gained an inch in girth. After 3 weeks of not telling my wife, we made love I noticed that she had her eyes closed after foreplay so i entered her and she opened her eyes widely after we were done.”

“I asked why she looked at me funny and she said she thought there was someone else
because it felt different(bigger) I told her about your manual and she said keep doing it she was very surprised and pleased!”

“I said so size does make a difference and Nico your right it does. She said yes it does, but was happy with me all these years but now she really is happy. Also I tried the different type stroke methods and they really work I didn’t orgasm as fast and she got off several times before I did.”

I used the (mentions technique on page 46 of the manual),what a difference. Thank you Nico for giving me the confidence I once had as a young person. Im 35 yrs old and have a renewed sex life, you are the man!!!!! Take Care.”

“Easy, With No Strings Attached!”

"I have been exercising my self, it has been a very reassuring experience. It is easy, with no strings attached, a great comfort to find someone on the net that is not deceiving the common net user. Thank you very much! " - S.E.

“Works Great! 1/2" in Length & 3/4" In Girth”

“I've been using the techniques in your penis of steel manual, and it works great, i've grown a half inch in length and about 3/4 an inch in girth in just 4 months, and I use the pc pump technique and it helps me to last almost as long as I want! Thank you so much for the techniques described in your manual, i just have one question, once your penis grows to the size that you want it to be, are you supposed  to stop using the growth techniques?”

Thank you again,

“Girlfriends Notice Difference In Size!”


Just a note to say what progress I have had since I last wrote to 
you. I have been using (he mentions the techniques)
couple of months now and I wrote to you some weeks ago about my progress. My Penis is definitely weighing heavier in my hand when I go to the loo or shower.”

Two girls that I know have mentioned the difference in my size. A few days ago I was Having sex with an ex-lover who I haven't been with for a few months and she commented that my penis had 'put on weight' she was also quite intrigued at how I had done it, so I showed her! She seems to like the difference, even though she is quite small in the vagina dept.”

“However, another girl I have been seeing who has also commented on the size difference says she preferred my penis before he was 'so big' she is quite roomy in terms of her internal size yet feels some discomfort on entry and complains of being sore for at least a day or so after sex. What she does like is the texture of my penis which when flaccid has become quite velvety to the touch.”

“This particular girl is difficult to bring to orgasm and has to have just the right circumstances to climax. However, I have taken some more care and thought of her instead of greedy old me, and with the (makes reference to two of the thrusting techniques in the manual) plus some massage she has now twice, orgasmed a second time in the same session of sex. she says this has never happened to her before! As you can imagine this making me feel pretty good about myself!  Bye for Now”
- Tony

“Harder And Longer After Two Weeks!”

"Hello. I ordered your manual and have been using it for two weeks, and my God, it works like a charm. I'm harder than before and half an inch longer. Great program. But I was wondering, if you continued to do the exercises even after 3 inches of growth, would it continue to work for as long as you use it? Thanks a lot." - M.T.

Great Manual And Great Service!”

"Great manual, and better than a rather similar one by a competitor at Advanced Health. This manual is better because it explains the methods fully, so that you aren't left wondering whether you are doing it correctly. And, when you do have questions, these guys actually respond!  Great manual, great service! Again, I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE your responsiveness to my questions and concerns! You guys are great!" - B.J.

“I Want You To Read What Another One of My Clients Had To Say About How My Manual Changed His Life Forever...”


I asked: “Michael will you tell me what the information in the “Penis of Steel Manual” has done for you?”

His Reply: “No problem, I will help you any way I can, HEY you gave me my life back, ten fold....if they could only understand what this has done!  My work place—I even got a raise--(no pun intended)--and my boss told me --"you seem to have this new confidence about you!" It's the bulge in my pants that I have! I didn't tell him that!

I had a 6 1/2 inch penis  and it was 4 3/4 inches around--I now find out that is either normal, or above---and I was scared!

By the way---I am at "almost" that magic number-8-rock hard inches of "usda" grade A meat!--5 1/2 inches around!

I am having an office woman come over tonight--I don't make up this shit---she told me one day --“you either have a big dick--or you put your socks in the wrong place”---do you have any idea how that makes a person feel?  She don't have to come here for me to feel great---hey she is the one wondering---you and I know what it is!-----man will that make you fluff your feathers! – Michael Aaron

I Am Now Going To Make It Possible For You To Put ALL Of Your Doubts Aside And Change Your Sex Life Forever By Giving You...

My Personal 100% Risk Free
Money Back Guarantee!

You maybe thinking that all of this sounds to good to be true, or you might be thinking “Does it really work?” It’s funny how many people visit this site and then e-mail me asking “Does it really work?” And my answer is YES it really works! If it did not work I would not be able to offer you the following...

satisfaction guaranteed

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right I am so confident that you will be able to get the same results as the thousands of men all over the world that have used my program since 1998 that I am going to take away all risk to you by giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Grab your copy of the “Penis of Steel Manual” today and try all of the techniques & methods in the manual for up to 60 days and if you do not honestly feel that you have not benefited in any way from any of the techniques or information contained in the manual, I will give 100% of your money back and you can keep all of the bonuses below for free! So there is no risk to you as long as you are willing to actually use the techniques!

But the truth is that once you experience how amazing your sex life is after using the techniques in your manual you won’t want to ask for a refund, you actually want to send me a thank you e-mail!

But remember that most men start seeing results in 60 days or less!


Mark Simon, CEO
Greatlovers Publishing


 Get Your Copy of My ‘Penis Of Steel Manual’
Right Now And Get The Following Bonuses...

Because I want to make this deal absolutely irresistible to you when you order your copy of the “Penis of Steel” by Midnight 
I am also going to give you the following four bonuses at no additonal cost.

Bonus # 1: “What Women Want In Bed?”
My Exclusive Sex Survey of Over 10,000 Women!

 What women want in bed

I surveyed over 10,000 women and asked them questions like:

  • What makes a man a great lover?
  • Does penis size really matter?
  • What is the perfect penis size?
  • What is your favorite sexual position?
  • What drives you absolutely wild in bed?
  • Tell us your most exciting sexual experience?
  • Do you enjoy anal sex?
  • What is your most desired fantasy?
  • And many, many, more questions!!!

You get over 100 pages of the best (I could not fit all 10,000 in or it would be 10,000 pages long) uncensored answers from women who answered my explicit sexual questionnaire.

You will read their most erotic experiences and fantasies as they anonymously tell us everything!!! Read about what they desire in bed and what they feel makes a man a great lover!!! This report alone will help you to gain tremendous insight into what women really want in bed! By the way I have had such a great response on this report that I may decide to sell it by itself for $29.95 so get it while you can for free!

Bonus # 2: My Special Report On Prostate Health

Prostate health

In an effort to make my readers more aware of their prostate health and to help them take a course of action for prevention of prostate problems. I have just finished a SPECIAL REPORT and for a limited time will now be giving it as another  free bonus when you purchase my manual! I have plans to sell the report later for $49.95, but you can get it for free now when you buy my Penis of Steel Manual!


Proven techniques to do both an internal and external prostate massage. To prevent and alleviate prostate congestion!

An amazing herb that blocks DHT and helps to prevent benign prostate enlargement and also prevents premature hair loss and thinning!

An incredible seed from a common fruit that some claim prevents and cures cancer!

The most amazing herb I have ever seen, that fights both bacterial and viral infections and kills parasites! This can help to prevent not only prostate infections but also the common cold and flu! I blew a cold/flew out of my system in only 48 hours! With no antibiotics! It also gives you harder erections as well! And is also good for people that suffer from sinusitis! This is the best herb I have ever used!!! I wish I had found it years ago! This herb could be natures best antibiotic!!!

A great tasting snack that tastes great and also promotes good health and gives you more sexual energy!

Bonus # 3: The Two Rules You Must Follow
 To Always Have A Lover!

 The Two Rules

The two rules that you MUST follow to always have a lover! Some men go months or even years with out sex! And it destroys their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and ability to interact with women on a sexual level.

I know this because I have gone through it my self and I pulled my self out of it. There is no reason to suffer sexually. There is no reason that you can’t have a rich and fulfilling sex life.

Let me tell you what these two rules have done for me and what they will do for you when you learn them as I have...You will be able to...


Be able to have purely sexual relationships with women, when you don’t want a girlfriend.

Be able to have meaningful committed relationships with women.

Have girls want to share new sexual experiences with you such as anal sex, threesomes etc.

Actually have girls refer you to their friends and recommend you to them! They will find you other women!

Stay friends with your ex-girlfriends and have them set you up with other girls!

Be able to still have sex with former lovers!

It sounds amazing I know, but I have done all of the above and it’s because I know the two rules and how to apply them to enrich my personal sexual relationships and sex life. And now I will share them with you for the first time ever! They are so simple, but so powerful!

This Information is priceless and it took me many years to learn it yet, most men go half of their lives before they learn the truth of these rules!

Bonus # 4: Be A Better Lover Tonight
Ten Things To Blow Her Mind To Night!

Be a better lover tonight
Adobe pdf file with over 30 minutes of audio,
 16 illustrations and 23 pictures - 12mb Download

In this brand new ebook/audio program you will learn 10 things you can do tonight and in the future to be a better lover. This is the fastest way to give you the knowledge to be a great lover as you discover these ten simple but powerful ways to give her amazing sexual pleasure tonight.

You will discover...


Thing #1 - The 20 Hot spots on a woman’s body and how to stimulate them properly and get her so worked up she will be clawing at you!
HINT: They are not in her bikini area which is why most men miss them.

Thing #2 - How to use the principal of contrast to bring back the passion to your sex life!

Thing #3 - A way to immeadatly magnify the excitement of any sexual experience.

Thing #4 - Something overlooked by most men that will send her over the edge again and again!

Thing #5 - This is what women really want when they fall for Bad Boys and Alpha Males but most men fail measurably at it and how to succeed at it!

Thing #6 - Something I have always done to make sure that my lovers are always more than satisfied.

Thing #7 - Why doing this will make her feel amazing, she will be thinking about it all week!

Thing #8 - Try this and she will beg you to put it in! It something almost no man ever does and will make you stand out from the crowd!

Thing #9 - Something women really love that most men completely ignore that will bring a whole new dimension to your sex life.

Thing #10 - What you need to do to keep your sex life passionate and live tonight and in the future.

This ebook with audio program is valued at $59.95 but the real value of these secrets and the pleasure they will bring you and your lover(s) is much much greater!

It’s All Yours When You 
Download Right Now!

All of the above Special Bonuses will be yours now when you get your Penis of Steel Manual before midnight  .

So you will get:
Your manual $59.95 Discounted to $47.00
The Sex Survey $29.95 Yours Free
The Prostate Report $49.95 Yours Free
The 2 Rules (Priceless, Believe Me!)
Be a Better Lover Tonight Ebook/Audio $59.95 Yours Free
A Total Value of over $200.00!

It’s All Yours for only $19.95 and that's It!
 (A One Time ONLY Fee)

Take Control of How Amazing Your
 Sex Life Can Be — Starting Tonight!

As you are sitting there with you hand on the mouse reading this page right now you are thinking will it work for me, like it did for Nico and thousands of his customers? They took a chance and changed their lives! They have done what they set out to do. To have the penis they always wanted and all of the benefits that go with it! It’s your turn now, to have the penis size and sexual performance that you have always wanted!

All for only $19.95 That's less than .05 cents a day for a year and less than the cost of a dinner out for two! To change your sex life for ever!

This is your chance have the penis size, ejaculatory control and sexual ability of world class it’s time for YOU TO TAKE ACTION!

Penis Of Steel Priority Download Form



Nico, I want to discover how to Add up to 4.2” in length + girth to my penis, last as long as I want during sex, and drive my lover wild in bed!

I fully understand that:


As soon as my payment is processed I will have instant access to download the “Penis of Steel” manual and all of the free bonuses, that will give me the techniques to change my sex life forever!

My total investment for this life changing information is a one-time charge of only $19.95 and that the charge will appear under the name “CLKBANK*COM” on my credit card statement.

That my purchase is backed by your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. And that I have 60 days to ask for a refund if I am not 100% satisfied and that manual will no longer be viewable if I ask for a refund.

Penis of Steel  + Bonuses

Click here to get the Penis of Steel Manual and bonuses now for only $19.95

We accept credit cards


Download now safely and securely. I accept all major credit cards and online checks. Your purchase is processed by Clickbank’s via secure server.
Any questions or problems please e-mail me at

Click here if you don’t have a credit card and would purchase via mail order.

See you in the download area,


Mark Simon,
Sexpert/Author Publishing



Still Not sure? I know how you feel. I felt the exact same way when I first heard about penis enlargement and some of the other techniques that you just read about. But I know your interested in improving your sex life and becoming a great lover or you would not have read this far. So I want to remind that you are not risking anything because my manual comes with a
100% money back guarantee.

Even if you ask for a refund you still get to keep my the “What Women Want in Bed”, “Two Rules” and “Be a Better Lover Tonight” Bonuses which are worth over $100! This is my way of saying “Thanks for giving it a shot!” So even if I refund your $19.95 you still get to keep over $100 worth of bonuses!

Click here to get the Penis of Steel Manual and bonuses now for only $19.95

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