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“Discover How To Give Her An Incredible, Mind Blowing, G-Spot Squirting Orgasms That Will Leave You Both Soaking Wet!!!

I will teach you step-by-step exactly how to give
 any woman an ejaculatory squirting G-spot orgasm!
It took me years of trial and error to perfect my
 method and now you can learn it literally overnight!

Actual Experience: 

“Oh my God yes. During a G-Spot orgasm, I tend to become much, much, much more wet (female ejaculation), my nipples are extremely erect, moaning becomes much louder and waves of ecstasy flow through you. Unlike regular orgasms, my female ejaculation actually squirts out rather than just flows out.” - Melinda

From: Nico Simon Princely

Dear Female Ejaculation Lover,

If your at all like me, just the thought of giving a woman a wild squirting orgasm where her body convulses, she screams and then explodes female love juices all over you is enough to give you an instant erection! I always hoped that I would be lucky enough to have sex with a woman that could do that some day. But woman after woman it just never happened until I discovered that...


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 Juli & Tiffany!

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All Women Are Capable Of Having Those
Wild Squirting Female Ejaculation Orgasms!!!

You see I had been so focused on looking for a women that naturally had female ejaculatory orgasms I had never even considered the possibility that a woman could learn how to have those incredible squirting ejaculatory orgasms! Here I had been searching all over and hoping to meet a women who could cum like that when what I really needed to be searching for was the way to give almost any woman an mind-blowing ejaculatory orgasm, because most women naturally have the ability to have those powerful body quaking squirting orgasms!


The Average Woman Has Not Even Scratched The Surface
Of Her True GOD Given Capacity For Orgasmic Pleasure!!!


The average woman has no Idea of the level of orgasmic pleasure that is available to her and is in fact her birthright! While women go through pain of childbirth, it seems that nature has also balanced things out by giving women and almost endless ability to have a variety of different kinds of powerful orgasms. From multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms to repeated ejaculatory orgasms and even anal orgasms! While most men are done with one or two orgasms, many women have tapped into and developed their ability to have orgasm after orgasm for hours on end!


You Can Be The One To Awaken Her To Her
 True Orgasmic Potential, It’s Like Starting A Wild Fire!


Once you learn how you will be able to tap into her natural orgasmic capacity and give her the greatest orgasms that she has ever had in her life! She will be experiencing a new level of sexual pleasure that she has never experienced before with anybody! She will then see you n a whole new light as you are the one responsible for this amazing pleasure she in now having for the first time in her life!


Your Life Will Change Dramatically When You Can Give A Woman This Kind of Out of This World Orgasmic Pleasure!


Being able to truly, deeply, and completely satisfy a woman sexually is something so few men can do your value to any woman you have sex with will increase 1000%! Have you ever seen really beautiful women with men that were not good looking or rich? Why do you think they were with them? Because they know how to giver her what she needed sexually!


You Will Be in High Demand! And Will Be Able To Pick &
 Choose The Women You Want To Have Sex With!


Because you’ll be so good in bed women that have had sex with you will want to have sex with you again all of the time, if you are seeing several women you will have to literally pick and choose who you want to have sex with! Now I must tell you that when you are in this situation you MUST be totally honest with these women and let them know that you are seeing other women. But don’t worry because they won’t care! As soon as they are horny it’s you they will be calling again and again! They will also tell their girlfriends, who will start to get curious about your sexual ability and might even come on to you! When this happens it’s your choice as to what to do. But if your smart you might be able to turn this into an opportunity for threesome if that is something you desire!


Maybe You’ve Found Miss Right And You Just Want
To Give Her The Ultimate Sexual Pleasure!


Maybe you are in love with the perfect woman and you only want to be with her and you want to create a deep and lasting bond with her that will keep attraction, desire and love focused on you and repel the advances of any other men! There is no better way to do this than by keeping her completely and totally sexually satisfied by giving her the Ultimate sexual pleasure! And when you do you will become her new drug of choice, she will become sexually addicted to you and you will be her object of constant sexual desire once you are able to give her those amazing mind-blowing orgasms that will leave her completely satisfied and exhausted!


If Your Not Sexually Satisfying Her Someone Else Will Be!


But...There will be no reason for her to cheat or stray when you fulfill her completely. The sexual bond is very strong but if your not the one to establish it with her someone else will, weather it be an old boyfriend or some guy she meets in the future and then your relationship will suffer the consequences, because you did not make the effort to keep your woman truly sexually satisfied!

But You Won’t Have To Worry About That When You...

Discover How To Give Your Lover Intense G-spot Orgasms!
I will teach you everything you need to know step-by-step, explained in explicit detail so that you will become an expert on G-spot stimulation when you discover...

  • How to locate your lovers G-spot, so that you will always know exactly where it is!
  • What you must do so that you can find your lovers G-spot . If you miss this you may not even find her G-Spot and she might even find stimulation unpleasant. This is the #1 mistake that most men make when trying to find and stimulate their partners G-spot!
  •  How to stimulate her G-spot and give her a powerful G-Spot orgasm Step-By-Step!
  • Secret G-spot stimulation techniques using your fingers, tongue, and penis. Let her feel the differences and see what she like best! There is also a section for her on using, dildos and vibrators for G-spot stimulation.
  • How to give her blended G-spot and Clitoral orgasms! These are some of the most amazing orgasms that she will ever have!
  • Thrusting techniques and positions for G-spot stimulation during intercourse, that will absolutely drive her absolutely wild!

How To Make Her Squirt And Leave You Both Soaking Wet!
Yes women do ejaculate! And for some women they say this is the most exciting sexual experience that they have ever had, and it is often accompanied by an powerfully intense clitoral, G-spot orgasm or blended orgasm. Many men find that being with a woman who can ejaculate to be the ultimate turn on! Can your lover ejaculate? You will soon find out when you learn…

  • How to give her an ejaculatory orgasm Step-by-Step! Each step is broken down for you so that you know exactly what to do.
  • That she might have already been on the verge of ejaculating but just didn’t know it!
  • Why some women hold ejaculating back for fear of urinating on themselves and their partner and deny them self this wonderful pleasure and how to get her past that fear of urination and prove to her that it is not urine!
  • The 3 things she must do in order for her to experience a female ejaculatory orgasm!

Hot Sexual Positions For G-spot Stimulation (Illustrated)
There is nothing a woman like better than a man that knows how to give her a powerful orgasm with his penis inside her. You will become a master of G-spot stimulation during intercourse when you learn...

  • Thrusting techniques that provide maximum G-spot stimulation during intercourse.
  • How to get in the right position for intense hot intercourse with G-spot stimulation.
  • How she can get on top and take charge and give you the ride of your life and her the stimulation she needs during intercourse.
  • About adding clitoral stimulation with G-spot stimulation during intercourse. To bring her maximum pleasure.
  • How using a vibrator for added clitoral stimulation during intercourse can really intensify her orgasm. And why using one too much can actually decrease your pleasure with your partner.
  • All of the above and more illustrated throughout the manual with over 20 high quality computer generated images (see image below)


Your Lover Will Also Learn To Give Herself Squirting Orgasms!
For a woman to be fulfilled sexually she also needs to become more in touch with her own body. So I have added several sections of the book for you to share with your partner so she can become more orgasmic and give herself these orgasms using simple but dynamic techniques! You will love watching her in ecstasy as she gives herself amazing squirting orgasms.

Your lover will learn…

  • How to find her own G-spot. So that she will know exactly where it is every time!
  • How she can stimulate her G-spot manually with her fingers to give herself an explosive
    G-spot orgasm! You will love watching her do this!
  • How to increase her orgasmic capacity and become multi-orgasmic!
  • How to stimulate her G-spot with dildos and vibrators!
  • How to she can give herself an amazing Clitoral and G-spot blended orgasm with combined stimulation.
  • How she can experience a wild squirting female ejaculatory orgasm on her own for the very first time!

Amazing Sex Tips From Real Life Sexual Experiences!
I have been conducting an anonymous web survey with responses from over 18,000 men and women who have shared their most intimate sexual experiences with me and I will share with you their best techniques and sex tips! You will read…

  • Hot Real Life personal sexual experiences from both men and women!
  • Their sex techniques, tricks and tips that they have used to have incredible orgasms and the hottest sex of their lives!
  • What men have to say about being with a woman who has G-spot and female ejaculatory orgasms.
  • Actual experiences related by the women themselves who have G-spot and female ejaculatory orgasms.
  • Experiences that may be similar to your own that you can learn from to improve your own sex life!

Herbs & Natural Supplements To Supercharge Your Sex Life!
There is no need to use dangerous or illegal drugs to have great sex when nature has given us all we really need to have incredible sex. You and your lover will never lack for incredible orgasms once you find out…

  • About an herb that in a scientific study made women multi-orgasmic! Try this herb and tell me what you think! People all over are raving about it!
  • Which vitamins will give both of you more energy and sexual endurance.
  • What natural substance increases blood supply to erectile tissues of the clitoris in women and penis in men (Rock Hard Erections), increases sex drive and gives more powerful orgasms in both men and women.
  • A vitamin that will make you tingle all over, increases circulation and will give you an amazing orgasm if taken 15-20 minutes before you have sex.
  •  An Herbal & Supplement formula that will give you a Supercharged sexual experience, and mind blowing orgasms like you have never had before! And it will work for both you and your partner!

And much, much, more! All in my FE Manual (Female Ejaculation Manual)

What Are Women & Men Saying About These Orgasms?

Below are actual statements from real men and women. The names have been changed to protect their privacy due to the personal and sexual nature of these statements. Read below what people are saying about the incredible sexual experiences they are having!

Women’s Experiences...

When I have a g-spot orgasm it is a lot harder to get to then a normal orgasm but when I do reach my peak it is the most wet electrifying experience that I could have.” – Amanda

“For me a g-spot orgasm is what I like to call a full body orgasm. It begins on the vagina then heat travels throughout my body ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh! With a regular orgasm the effect is just centered at the clitoris. But still enjoyable.” – Roxy

 “A regular orgasm feels like It’s coming from the outside in but the g spot orgasm feels like Its coming from the inside out.” – Julie

 “I couldn't explain anything except my body locked up and I felt like I was on the best ecstasy ever.” – Michelle

 “I don't know if I can find the right words for it, but it is like an explosion where your entire body feels relaxed, tense and your mind goes blank all at the same time. Where are your normal orgasms are like a mini explosion.” – Shelby

 “Oh my God yes. During a G-Spot orgasm, I tend to become much, much, much more wet (female ejaculation), my nipples are extremely erect, moaning becomes much louder and waves of ecstasy flow through you. Unlike regular orgasms, my female ejaculation actually squirts out rather than just flows out.” - Melinda


Men’s Experiences...

 “At first it was a shock, but now I manage to get her to do it every time. All it needs is a little time and a little work by both parties.” – Dan

 “Yes, I had messed with her g -spot then her clit and had sex I wrapped her legs around me standing up and she ejaculated on me it felt good.” – Johnny

 “Yes it was an unforgettable experience brought about by G-spot play.” – Ted

 “She flooded my face. It was fantastic!” – Mark

 “Yes, I made her cum all over my face and she wuz so embarrass but it turned me on so much, I just ate her out for a bit then started to finger her g-spot and when she said she wuz about to cum, I dove my tongue in there again and she came all over me, it tasted so good.” - Jerome

 As you can see by the above statements that with the information, techniques and exercises in this manual you will be on your way to some amazing sexual experiences!

Just as you are sitting there reading this sentence... STOP and imagine a time in your future when you are with your lover and are giving her those incredible G-spot and female ejaculatory orgasms that leave her shuddering with orgasmic pleasure, breathless gazing at you with awe almost unable to speak!

Stop Being Just A Spectator Of Squirting
 Female Ejaculation Videos and Start Making Your Own!

Now is your chance to stop just watching women in videos have wild squirting female ejaculation orgasms and start actually giving them to women in real life! Fullfill your fantasy of giving women powerful orgasms that will rock their world!

Think for a second and realized that once you learn these techniques you will have this ability for the rest of your life and will be able to give women amazing squirting orgasms at your will.

How powerful and confident would that make you feel?

Well, I’ll tell you from personal experience that it feels great when you can give a woman this amazing pleasure and she tells you how amazing you are! I want you to experience how great it feels for yourself so I am going to...

Make It Possible For You To Put ALL Of Your Doubts Aside And Change Your Sex Life Forever By Giving You...

My Personal 100% Risk Free
Money Back Guarantee!

You maybe thinking that all of this sounds to good to be true, or you might be thinking “Does it really work?” It’s funny how many people visit this site and then e-mail me asking “Does it really work?” And my answer is YES it really works! If it did not work I would not be able to offer you the following...

satisfaction guaranteed

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right I am so confident that you will be able to get the same results as the thousands of men and women all over the world that have used my program since 2001 that I am going to take away all risk to you by giving you a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

Grab your copy of the “FE Manual” today and try all of the techniques & methods in the manual for up to 60 days and if you do not honestly feel that you have not benefited in any way from any of the techniques or information contained in the manual, I will give 100% of your money back and you can keep all of the bonuses below for free!

But the truth is that once you experience how amazing your sex life is after using the techniques in your manual you won’t want to ask for a refund, you actually want to send me a thank you e-mail!

But remember that most men start seeing results in 60 days or less!


Nico Simon Princely, CEO
Greatlovers Publishing


My FE Manual has been selling online since 2001 and has helped men from all over the world give their partners body-shaking, mind-blowing, G-spot, squirting and blending orgasms!

 Get Your Copy of My ‘Female Ejaculation Manual’
Right Now And Get The Following Bonuses...

Because I want to make this deal absolutely irresistible to you when you order your copy of the “Female Ejaculation Manual” by Midnight 
I am also going to give you the following four bonuses at no additional cost.

Bonus #1: “How To Use The Power Of Your Voice To
 Turn Your Lover On When You Speak!”


How would you like to turn your lover on with just a few words and have her dripping wet? Just a phone call can be foreplay when you know how to use your voice! And both you and your partner can use these technique to turn each other on!

You will learn:

  • How to use the power of your voice to turn your lover on when you speak!
  • How to improve the tone of your voice! And make it sound much sexier!
  • How to talk dirty to your lover and really turn her on!


Bonus #2: “How To Make Them Want It BAD!”



Use these techniques and your lover won’t be able to wait to get home to have sex with you. In fact they may pull you into the bathroom and do it right there!

  • A simple technique to use when you are out at dinner or with friends to keep your lover thinking about having sex with you all night long!
  • Two techniques for women that will make a guy almost practically jump on top of you it will turn him on so much!
  • A technique for men that will drive her wild! She won’t be able to wait to get you alone!


Bonus #3: Give Your Lover The
All Bases Covered Blended Orgasm!”



This is a technique that I have used with many women and still use all of the time in my own personal sex life! It a TRADE SECRET of mine! And I really never planned on sharing it but I am in relationship now so I am not worried about the competition anymore.

  • Learn to give your lover a 3 way blended Clitoral, G-spot, Anal Orgasm that will absolutely overload her with mind blowing stimulation and rock her world!
  • Learn it Step-By-Step so you know exactly how to do it!
  • This one technique alone is worth the price of the manual!


It’s All Yours When You 
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All of the above Special Bonuses will be yours now when you get your Penis of Steel Manual before midnight  .

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Get Your Copy of “The FE Manual” Now
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Buying the “The FE Manual” is like making a solid and investment in your sexual future and ability that will pay you rewards and dividends for the rest of your life!

You could spend years trying to figure out how to give her those amazing orgasms and trying to get her to squirt (like I did) or you can learn how to do it the right way and skip the learning curve and become an educated and amazing lover almost overnight by reading my manual!

All for only $19.95 That's less than .5 Cents a day for a year and less than the cost of dinner for two to learn how to give women amazing G-spot and ejaculatory squirting orgasms!

This is your chance to give her the best orgasms of her life and now it’s time for

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FE Manual
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  • Over 165 pages long.
  • Over 20 Quality CG illustrations!
  • Downloaded on to your computer!
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  • 100% 60 Money Back Guarantee!

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